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Before Kate started her career with the BBC she worked for the Telegraph and also had a brief spell as a model, a job she was not very keen on. She gave up the catwalk to pursue her career in television.

Kate started her television career as a researcher on programs such as Parallel 9, The Chroma Zone, and Top of the Morning, before joining the BBC to work on two series of Animal Hospital as a production secretary.

She has recently been a slot presenter on the Holiday programme. (Humble Holidays). Where she showed the nation how to plan a holiday using only thrupence ha'penny The Essential Guide To Rocks was her first dabble in educational programming.This series was broadcast in Dec 98.

She also starred in Fasten Your Seatbelts , where she trained to become a Club 18-30 Holiday Rep.

At Present Kate can be seen every Monday Evening on BBC TVís Webwise programme. Kate is travelling around the UK taking assignments , and actively using and hopefully training the British public to use the WWW.

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